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Sometimes her face looks like this

Memoir de Moi

Nashville native Emily Killian has not always been the rich and powerful LA-based actor and teaching artist she is today. In fact, Emily has proudly collected a series of interesting careers in case she needs to fill air time with Jimmy Fallon or Ellen once she finally has time to return their calls. A former dog walker, tanning salon manager, Subway Sandwich Artist, Quit Smoking Coach, high school teacher, and professional packer: the list of Emily's hidden talents is virtually endless.


As profitable as all of these careers were, Emily has been unable to deny her need to perform. She would blame it on a lack of attention as a child but her Red Skelton routines and original sketch characters like Cap'n Lemonade and Ove R. Wate would tell a different story.


She has been blessed to contribute to her artistic communities in Tennessee, Florida, London, New York, and California and continues her mission to share stories, truth, and kindness. To see more of what Emily can do, just hire her!

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