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sept 12, 2021

Well the event is called Best of the Fest, and there were no lies detected. Congrats to all the filmmakers honored tonight, and a special congratulations to our team, Royal Humdinger Productions, for snagging Audience Favorite from our screening group, nominations for Best Supporting Actor, Best Writing, Best Film. Oh and Phil Kruse won Best Actor because duh. What a ride! 

In Pieces is undergoing some cosmetic surgery and will be heading out to festivals in 2022, so keep those peepers peeled!

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the flick!

sept 5, 2021

Harmon Brothers did it again. And they let me help! Had so much fun with the creative folks down in Provo for this stinkin' hilarious Lume ad! Enjoyyyy

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the flick!

Aug 27, 2021

Ready to have the time of your Life? How about just a little Lifetime? Ok cool, then check out Pom Poms and Payback this weekend for Lifetime's Fear the Cheer marathon. Doug Campbell, Robert Ballo, and Stella Nova Casting really showed up on this one-- Thank you ALL for giving me the opportunity to bring Coach Evergreen to life!

In Pieces.jpg

aug 6, 2021

We're doing the thing! So grateful Justin Hobson, Phil Kruse, and Donnie Jarmon invited m to be a part of this really special project for the 48 Hour Film Festival. Okay gotta go finish filming bc time is running ooouuut!


June 16, 2021

When they sent me this script, I could not WAIT to get my Ripley on and go disobey stupid orders and kick some alien hindquarters. Then to find out I go to work with the inimitable Sean Young who originated the role my character was based on back in the 1984 DUNE... Let's just say I have been pumped every day to get up and go to set.


Stay tuned for Planet Dune coming this Fall!


May 18, 2021

Ugh I'm so sick of having to work with the most fun, collaborative, creative group of people I've ever met. Can't Harmon Brothers just give it a rest and stop being so absurdly talented and hilarious?!

But for cereal, getting transported back into time and channeling my best Rod Serling/Rita Hayworth love child was some of the most fun I've had on set since... well since the last time HB let me come play with them this summer!

Stay tuned for this national spot for Lume Deodorant!


April 17, 2021

New poster art for The Discernment, the film adaptation of the original graphic novel by Dewayne Hill. You know you're in for a treat when your director is an actual magician. Prepare to be amazed...

Image is cropped because I no work computers good


March 28, 2021

Whew! Just wrapped my first solo directing gig! Remember back in November when I said I got to see some old pals on set? One of them was Derek Ocampo who brought this beautiful story to me, and Tim Buel just shot the heck out of it! Such a challenge working on and behind the camera at the same time, but what an amazing team to help get us through it. "I'll remember you..."


March 22, 2021

Wooowww today ended an incredibly special shoot. Anthony Ferrante, thank you for continuing to want to work with me, and for bringing such an inspired, poignant story to life. Really excited to share this one, y'all.


February 12, 2021

Today's ADR session offered a little look-see into how our Lifetime film is coming along! Y'all, I am cheering for this one-- it's going to be steamy, dreamy, AND scheme-y....


February 11, 2021

Okay last year's birthday I got paid to be a princess and improvise with some of the funniest folks in Utah. THIS year, I got paid to improvise with one of my favorite comedic actors of all time, and he even sang me happy birthday when production surprised me with the most delectable cupcakes I've ever had! I don't know what kind of one-upmanship the universe is playing with me, but this will be pretty impossible to top...


January 31, 2021

ADR for AOI. Always fun to get a sneak peek of upcoming releases! Cannot wait to see this end-of-the-world schlock we had so much fun filming.


december 21 2020

I don't know what energy I'm putting out into the universe, but this is my third role this year where I get to save the world from destructive forces. No complaints here though... Next stop: Marvel?

Also we were too busy shooting non-stop that this is literally the only photo I got during the shoot. My "husband" and "step-daughter" are so prettyyyy!


november 7 2020

So I got a call two days ago asking if I could shoot pickups for a film that was shot this summer. The next day I had my fitting, but still had no pages--- Okay cool, must not be a lot of dialogue. Midnight before my 7am calltime, I get the script. Turns out they turned this character from a name mentioned by her ex-husband into a supporting lead in the plot to save the world! Thank goodness for a lifetime in theatre and enough brain plasticity to inhale these words... And ran into some old pals along the way-- Chris Boudreaux killed it! 


october 31, 2020

What better way to celebrate Halloween than filming a seance scene in a rickety old house in Ybor City while being directed by an actual practitioner of magic? Trick question. There IS no better way. Magician Dewayne Hill is making something spooky and... well, magical. So grateful to be a part of it!


september 23, 2020

Give me an L!

Give me an I!

Give me a... FETIME!

What's that spell? Lifetime. It spells Lifetime. Kinda. Luckily, I only play a cheer coach on TV. You'll learn not to cross me as I FINALLY get to play a villain in this incredibly fun tale of revenge and rah-rah-rahs. Thank you , Stella Nova Casting!!


Stay tuned for updates about its air date...


august 14, 2020

We did it. It's been 3 years from the start of pre-production. A year and a half since I signed on. And just like that, principal photography on Libra has wrapped. Josh Mabie has led us through fires to get here, and I cannot wait to see where he takes it from here. Sean Gallagher is a prince among men. I love working with people so good at what they do, and these folks are THE BEST!


July 6, 2020

We had no fun on this set...

Harmon Brothers are at it again! And they let me come play too! Jason Gray is one of the funniest dudes alive. Seriously, I can't decide what part of the shoot was more fun: Jason's improv with our writer Zach Atherton, or meeting the llamas and baby turtles... the fact that he's even in the running with live animals speaks volumes. Thanks B-Hyve, for letting me represent your stealthy flood detector and roll my eyes a ton at my pretend husband :)


June 25, 2020

Here I come to save the daaay! So this would have been a lot easier to shoot in the snow-capped Mammoth Mountains in March, but thanks to certain pandemics which shall remain nameless, here we are in sweltering San Fernando Valley in June. But I get to save the world, so I'll just keep stuffing my bra with ice packs for nursing women and carry on...

may 28, 2020


I can't believe it y'all. It only took a global pandemic for me to realize my true self as "depressed woman in grayscale who doesn't have the product we're trying to sell you."  (I also got to be enlightened and happy once I had a new vacuum, but that wasn't part of my childhood dream, so who cares)

Suck it, Coronavirus!

Self tape stills

march 31, 2020

Not necessarily news, an announcement, or an exclamatory statement, but in today's quarantine living, working on my selftapes has been the most noteworthy achievement of the past couple weeks! Stay healthy, stay sane, and stay home, everybody!

Sharknado Poster.jpg

march 15, 2020

LIFELONG DREAM ALERT! Seriously, as a youngin' my two career ambitions were to be in a Sharknado-esque film and to be the bumbling gray-scale idiot in an infomercial. One down, one to go!


I just booked a lead role in an Asylum film! These are the whacky filmmakers that brought us precious gems like Sharknado, Airplane Vs. Volcanoe, and every other incredible end-of-the-world guilty pleasure. Could not be more excited to start filming our icy apocalyptic mockbuster!

Wear It To Heart BTS

feb 19, 2020

Always such a treat to work with DP Nik Shaw! Today we got to kick it in the beautiful Pacific Palisades overlooking Los Angeles in some incredibly comfortable Wear It To Heart gear. You can bet I went and ordered myself two sets of workout clothes during lunch! (Also it was super sunny so we were saving our pretty faces for when the camera was rolling...)

Screen grab from Keto Chow commercial

feb 11, 2020

No better way to spend my birthday than doing stunts in a 10 ft wig in the snowy mountains of Utah with the incredible team from Harmon Brothers (The Squatty Potty folks!). Please note, this is not sarcasm, rather an expression of my most sincere and grateful feelings. This shoot was one of the most fun to-date and I am tangled with excitement to see the final cut! 

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the flick!

feb 2, 2020

Well today is the Super Bowl and the original air date for my Mr. Peanut debut. Planters is reevaluating the campaign, given the recent tragic helicopter crash, so my portion of the ad will not air today. My heart goes out to the families of all the victims. Anyone looking for a much-needed laugh during this dark time can click the video to see Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes act like fools (next to an animated little ol' me).

UCB classes started today!

Jan 6, 2020

After 4 years of putting it off, I FINALLY enrolled in the improv training program at UCB! Following in the footsteps of some of my favorite improvisers like Amy Poehler, Zach Woods, Kate McKinnon, Donald Glover and billions more. To that I say, "Yes, and!" (Ew I hate myself a little for that incredibly niche dad joke).

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the flick!

Jan 4, 2020

What a stinkin' honor to be a part of Libra, the latest series from writer/director Josh Mabie. This was my first attempt at learning stunt choreography, and Alfred Hsing is one of the most knowledgeable, competent, badass, (er uh PATIENT) stunt guys around. Here's some BTS of what we were working on. Now going to find an ice bath...

Emily IS Mr. Peanut!

dec 18, 2019

Shooting a Super Bowl campaign today! With Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh!




You won't see my face because of the magic of animation, but trust me: you'll go nuts for my cliffhanger of a performance...

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the flick!
LaserAway Screenshot 001.JPG

jULY 31, 2018

More fun shooting with LaserAway this week! So happy I got to bring along my friend and absolute warrior, Cierra Jackson! She puts up with my shenanigans at 7am, and that's not even my favorite thing about her!

Jacob's Kiss Poster WIDE.JPG

jULY 25, 2018

Our esteemed director, Michael Figari, sent Tom and me the poster art for this beautiful short film we shot last summer. He spent months finding the perfect illustrator to collaborate with us in this incredibly poignant story about life after abuse, and I cannot wait to share the finished product with you!

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the flick!

june 22, 2018

Harrah's commercial came out today! Next time you're in Vegas, definitely check out Tape Face and the Tenors of Rock! They graciously invited my co-star and me to their shows and subsequently blew our minds. Might have to make a permanent change of address to Sin City, USA...

Emily graduats from Meisner program at Taylor Studio

june 17, 2018

So proud to graduate tonight from the Taylor School of Acting! The Taylor Studio AKA The Taylor Studio is the only school in the USA that is backed by Sanford Meisner's Estate. Jimmy Carville, Sandy's life partner, even traveled over 24 hours from his home in Bequia to attend the final showcase and sign our diplomas. #HoneYourCraft

BTS with Tape Face at Harrah's Casino!

may 6, 2018

What happens in Vegas... gets filmed. I will never turn down a chance to work with Jason Silva and Bobby Hewitt. We got to shoot this super fun spot for Harrah's and I got to work with Tape Face! #dreamteam!

Picking your scene partner's nose is a great way to build trust and chemistry

mar 17, 2018

If you've never participated in a 48 hour film festival, I highly recommend you do. If you can manage to do so alongside Dylan Stretchbery and Brent Howard, I demand you do.


feb 28, 2018

Okay, real talk, this is the most fun I've had on set for a while. When Anna Golin calls you to ask you to be an intergalactic aerobics instructor, you break out your Jane Fonda and get to set! Stay tuned for this quirky, charming film, FIDO

Thick Water Table Read.JPG

FEB 11, 2018

Can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than at a table read for the latest and greatest film from my friend, Prince Dominick. So excited to see where he takes this one!!

Microsoft BTS.JPG

FEB 2, 2018

On set today with some Daniel Hoff fam! Shooting this super professional spot for Microsoft. Proud to be part of this team!

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to watch
the flick!

JAN 13, 2018

What a way to start the year! My first national commercial aired 1/8 during the NFL Playoffs! Fingers crossed it plays through the Superbowl!

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to watch
the flick!

JAN 3, 2018

New Year, old me! Just got some surprise footage back from the JustFab commercial I shot back when I had long flowing locks. Here's to more national spots in 2018!

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the flick!

dec 27, 2017

Holy Roundhouse, Batman, this girl is a BAMF! She's in the top 14 martial artists in her age group WORLDWIDE! Fangirling right now for getting to work with her. Go Mikayla!

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the flick!

dec 13, 2017

Death Note has only been out for 12 hours and is already at 50K views! Give Re:Anime Films a shout on their youtube channel and see a familiar face bringing you the scoop!

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the flick!

nov 18, 2017

Life is so much better with a seasonal cocktail in your hand. I love being on set at LaserAway so much. Must be why I'm there literally all the time. Check out my entry into mixology to the left!

Emily Killian BTS for StraightTalk Wireless

nov 7, 2017

BOOKED MY FIRST NATIONAL COMMERCIAL! Alert the presses! Mark your calendar! Call my mom and tell her I love her! David McNally directed so now I'm just one degree of separation from Tyra Banks! #coyoteugly #cantfighthemoonlight

Emily Killan in Christo Rangers

oct 25, 2017

It's Transfiguration Time! Christo Rangers are back! With some adorable superfans. We finally got to shoot the last episode this week and y'all... It's gonna be... Just watch it.

Emily Killian for Life By LaserAway

oct 17, 2017

See if you can spot the drool as I explore a delicious, guilt-free Thanksgiving menu. Every time I'm on set, I learn something new about myself. Today I learned that I love food more than most things. Thanks, LaserAway, for the fun times and self-discovery!

oct 8, 2017

Getting my field reporter on to shoot the new live action Death Note from Re-Anime Films! With a top-notch cast and one of the most talented upcoming cinematographers, Nik Shaw, this reimagining of the original anime promises not to disappoint. Live from this website, this is me. Back to you.

Emily Killian as Reporter in the new Death Note remake from Re-Anime

oct 8, 2017

Getting my field reporter on to shoot the new live action Death Note from Re-Anime Films! With a top-notch cast and one of the most talented upcoming cinematographers, Nik Shaw, this reimagining of the original anime promises not to disappoint. Live from this website, this is me. Back to you.

Emily Killan in the queer short film, Frames.

oct 6, 2017

I burned approximaely 8,029,884 calories laughing while shooting this sweet short, "Frames." Lindsey Naves will always be my first girlfriend;)

Emily Killian modeling for HAI hair products

oct 2, 2017

I got HAI on life today at this photoshoot! Getting pampered is always fun, but with the HAI styling products... a girl could get used to this! Can't wait to see the rest of the shots because SPOILER ALERT: there was much glitter to be had.

My Channel

My Channel

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sept 25, 2017

Had the most fun of my life clowning around on Noches Con Platanito! I got to plug Mike Boy, boogie with Raul Casillas, tango with The Good Place's Luke Guldan, and make a fool of myself on TV. Basically the best day ever.

Emily Killian walks the red carpet for Mike Boy

sept 1, 2017

"Why does everyone want to die today?" may be my favorite line from any movie ever! Got to see it on the big screen at the Mike Boy premiere! Check out iTunes and RedBox to join the mission!

Emily Killian in Jacob's Kiss with Tom Williamson

july 15, 2017

Seriously could not be more honored to be a part of the short film, Jacob's Kiss. The amazing cast and crew is working hard to bring you this beautiful, poignant story of a full yet tattered life in the wake of sexual abuse. Loved working beside Tom Williamson and Michael Figari in this gorgeous story.

Emily Killian at Gabba Gallery

JUNE 9, 2017

After shooting with the incredibly talented Mary Hanson (@mjojo88, @mjojo59), our floral images were released at Gabba Gallery! She really knows how to put the petal to the mettle.

Emily Killian at the red carpet for the Sunset Film Festival

MAY 19, 2017

Rocked my "Diane Keaton turns cater waiter" look on the red carpet to celebrate Behind the Blinds at the Sunset Film Festival! So proud of my producing team, Charles Ancelle, Anna Skrypka, and Adrian Morales for scooping up all the awards!

MAY 12, 2017

Click the pic
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the flick!

What's more fun than combining smooth skin and lasers? Absolutely nothing. Especially when you throw in a camera and a hilarious director like Benjamin Espiritu. Loved shooting this fun promo for LaserAway!

Emily Killian in a period thriller about H.H. Holmes

APR 28, 2017

Holmes is where the heart is! Or was before he killed everyone... So lucky to have worked on this chilling film with everyone's favorite serial killer, H. H. Holmes. (He's at least in my top 10)

Emily Killian modeling foMoneyline Tees' Game of Thrones line!

APR 8, 2017

Always a good day when I get to shoot with Nicely Made Media! A girl has no name, but she sure has fun with Moneyline Tees! Check out their geekdom @moneylinetees

BTS for Blood,an AFI film

mar 31, 2017

Had so much bloody fun on this hilarious retro spin on the seedy underbelly of the Red Cross. 

Shooting for Hulu

mar 12, 2017

Fun shoot with these Hulu-gans! Three guesses for which streaming platform...

Click the pic
to watch
the flick!

MAR 5, 2017

Got to collaborate with one of my favorite directors, Jason O. Silva, to make this music video for Moderat's "A New Error." Despite the title, Jason's work is flawless!

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to watch
the flick!
Emily Killan and Matthew Ashford on set

FEB 26, 2017

Some people look cute fresh out of the shower. Others look like drowned rats. I think we can all agree which category I fit into. Cute. Speaking of cute, how lucky am I to shoot with soap star Matthew Ashford?! Can't wait to tell more about our upcoming film!

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to watch
the flick!
Christo Rangers BTS

FEB 21, 2017

It's morphin' time! So stoked about this new series we're shooting. Not telling which one I am. Orange you glad I let you guess? Stay tuned for more info on Christ-o Rangers!

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to watch
the flick!
Talkback for Mike Boy premiere at Universal Studios

FEB 10, 2017

My mama always told me not to talk back, but I kinda had to at the Mike Boy premiere at Warner Brothers last night. I think she'll forgive me. But not for walking out of the night with only this photo... Sorry mama!

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the flick!
People's Choice Awards!

JAN 18, 2017

The Peoples Chose me to attend the People's Choice Awards! Such a fun night and Joel McHale is that much closer to realizing we are best friends. He'll figure it out soon.

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the flick!

Jan 4, 2017

Who knew I had to travel 3000 miles, over the river and through the YouTube woods to partner with my neighbor from the South, Sawyer Hartman. Had so much fun shooting this vlog for Malibu Rum! Also, "rum" rhymes with "yum" cuz God don't make no mistakes.

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